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Marketing Stuff Ninja and Communications Rockstar by Michelle Sander

Job titles aren’t just a matter of semantics. They can tell you a lot about what a company values and what it might be like to work with them.

After working on my own startup for a while, the build-measure-learn framework for iterative decision making lodged itself deep into my overall thought processes. Not too many things in my life are left unmeasured or analyzed and now that I have a nice sampling of Job Hunt data, I decided to take a deeper look.

Job titles aren’t just a matter of semantics. They can tell you a lot about what a company values and what it might be like to work with them.

Since I embarked on my Job Hunt in the marketing and branding space, I have applied for about 50 jobs with various titles to fit my skills and ambitions. Here is the list of job titles as they appeared in alphabetical order.

Associate Manager, Social Content
Communication Manager
Content Marketer and Writer
Content Writer
Creative Digital Designer
Developer / Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing & Project Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Product Manager
Director of Growth (remote)
Director of Marketing
Director, Product Management
Executive Marketing Assistant
Growth Hacker
Growth Marketer
Head of Digital Team
Internal Communications Manager
Learning Consultant
Marketing Automation Consultant
Marketing Designer
Marketing Director
Marketing Director Position
Marketing Generalist
Marketing Position
Marketing Product Specialist
Marketing Product Specialist
Marketing Product Specialist Position
Marketing Stuff Creator
Online Marketing Manager
Partner Marketing Manager
Product Designer
Product Marketing and Communications Manager
Product Marketing Manager
Senior Manager Channel Marketing Operations
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Senior UX Designer
Social Editor
Social Media Campaign Assoc
Sr. Marketing Manager
Travel Writer
UX/UI Designer
Web Developer and Technical Marketer

I’m not interested in working for a company that employs ninjas, rockstars, or evangelists. (I’m a writer so of course I take myself far too seriously for that.) And, while I’m still trying to sort this out, it also seems to strike me as coded language that says “startup,” or “we hire only millennials.” While I am a millennial, I’m at the far end of that classification and jobs like these may also be encoded subconsciously as “low paying.” Either way, I always seem to find a reason not to apply.

The jobs that I find myself most excited about and usually interview with are the positions that:

Are titled Director of Marketing or Marketing Director

This is the same title as my previous title.
60% of the interviews I’ve had are for jobs with this title.

Include emphasis in communications, branding, marketing strategy, or product management in the job description

Include a social good aim/connection

It’s important to me. Like one company said during an interview, “We don’t just build websites that sell deodorant anymore. They have to make the world better.” (I suppose you could argue that deodorant makes the world better.)

Allow for remote work

I’ve been a remote worker for a year now and I’ve decided the modern office is where the wifi is.

Some use the term digital nomad to describe this, but for me I really love the freedom to walk my dog when I take breaks.

Remote work is also about balance, so I utilize a coworking space as well.


The companies that are the most impressive to me incorporate job titles into their overall business strategy. It’s not merely semantics, it’s starting with why and knowing that something as seemingly trivial as a job title, might attract the right candidate.