Indigo Children Reboot by Michelle Sander

One of my cover stories was about a phenomenon known as Indigo Children. Precocious kids who seemed to be wise beyond their years and usually prodigious in the arts. When I saw the video of Grace VanderWaal that was being passed around last week, I immediately thought of the story. Read the incredibly interesting Indigo Children story here and take a look at the video. 

Ten Years Ago This Week by Michelle Sander

Ten years ago, my first feature-length cover story was released! The hustle of being a freelance journalist was a lot to handle and I was so proud of my first cover story that I posed for a picture with it on a news stand at #RuthsDiner in #SLC.

Michelle at Newsstand | Salt Lake City, Utah | 2006

Michelle at Newsstand | Salt Lake City, Utah | 2006