Michelle Sander pictured here giving Dr. Doolittle a run for his money.

Michelle Sander pictured here giving Dr. Doolittle a run for his money.


Storytelling from the beginning.

Michelle began her writing career while still in high school as a junior reporter for her hometown newspaper, The News-Press Gazette, writing for the Fresh Ink page each Sunday. She continued pursuing journalism in college, writing for the University of Utah’s daily newspaper, The Daily Utah Chronicle, penning slice-of-life news articles. From there, she went on to serve internships with several magazines as she completed her degree. After graduation, Michelle began working with magazines including contributions to Salt Lake City Weekly, Utah Bride & Groom magazine, and Catalyst magazine.

Michelle then waded into the more technical waters of writing, producing technical manuals, designing quick-reference guides, and producing online help content. She also formatted and edited the occasional thesis or dissertation that crossed her path. Because of the high entry costs associated with joining a professional writer's group at the time and before the existence of LinkedIn Groups, Michelle founded the Association of Technical Communicators.

With one foot still firmly placed in technical communication, Michelle pivoted into the world of business development. From there, it was but a quick-step into marketing strategy. Using the hard and soft skills that she learned along the way, she's able to create marketing strategies, design the materials with which to complete them, launch it, then measure it all.

In 2016, she started Michelle Sander Media to help these women and other small businesses tell the unique story of their brand and develop content strategies for authentic marketing that delivers. While she runs her company as a location-independent company, she is currently based in Amsterdam.