Life is in the stories you tell.

Michelle believes that honest connection is the best way to find the audience your business has been looking for. It's not magic or reading tea leaves; it's science with a bit of creative thinking. Michelle's passion shines through as an awarded Top 200 Content Strategist for the last two years running.

Michelle knows that when you truly understand the unique value of your product and you know your target audience like the back of your hand, choosing the ideal marketing channel: where to spend your vital marketing resources, and crafting beautiful marketing collateral: what marketing pieces to create, becomes clear

From small jobs—perhaps building a website, or writing and designing a white paper or brochure—to large projects—creating an entire marketing and branding strategy from the ground up—Michelle has the experience, knowledge, and creativity to get your project done quickly and on schedule.

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Michelle brings over a decade of experience in Journalism, Communications, and Marketing. As the Director of Marketing Communication for Partnet, Inc, she was responsible for the marketing strategy and collateral for a Department of Defense Contractor and the largest Federal eCommerce System in existence.

Happy clients and partners.

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Michelle was awarded a Top 200 Content Strategist for 2016 and 2017 on the list with other marketing and brand positioning experts from the likes of Google, Airbnb, Meetup, Entrepreneur Magazine, Microsoft, and more.

What clients have to say:

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Michelle Sander brings over a decade of experience in journalism, communications, marketing, and design